Maritime Mecha Mystery

MMM (short for Maritime Mecha Mystery) is an investigative visual novel in which you attend a meeting of the gods and solve the criminal theft of a wandering estate. The game is based on the pen & paper adventure of the same name, which uses the German open source ruleset Rookie’s Die.


• 2D – Visual Novel
• Role-playing elements
• Slip into the role of an investigator and interrogate Germanic gods


In this adventure, Count Aegir invites the player to his estate to present his latest invention. During the visit, the player meets various characters. The plot takes an unexpected turn when the mansion itself rises from the ground and begins to move like a spider-like octopus while the visitors are trapped inside. When the Count is later found unconscious and someone has tried to steal the mobile controls, it is up to the player to expose the culprit.

Development Status

Currently in development. Kickstarter campaign is up and running.